Settlement reached in strange ‘Popcorn Lung’ Medical Case

I just returned from San Jose and thought I would post some news regarding the mile high city. A Denver resident, Wayne Watson, developed what has become known as popcorn lung. Oh by the way, the Woodland Hills personal injury attorney can assist with wrongful death lawyer cases in Sherman Oaks, Encino, OC and other areas of SoCal the golden state. Popcorn lung’s proper name is bronchiolitis obliterans. It has been linked to a chemical that is added to microwave popcorn, diacetyl. For their part, Some major microwave popcorn manufacturers have removed diacetyl as a result of the attention that has been focused on popcorn lung from inhaling the
Changes have been made to the manufacturing of popcorn to protect factory workers from developing popcorn lung and causing them personal injuries.

This has not been as much of a problem, it seems over here in San Jose for some reason, knock on wood. Diacetyl can potentially effect the eyes, mucous membranes, respiratory system, and the skin. The chemical can cause a persistent cough, phlegm production, wheezing, dyspnea (shortness of breath); unusual fatigue. Other symptoms are mild fever or generalized aches. Diacetyl can also cause bronchiolitis obliterans, or popcorn lung, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Diacetyl has approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration as a food flavoring. The FDA found no harm to the public when used in small amounts with little potential for personal injury legal cases.
However, some have questioned the safety of the ingredient, since it has been linked to popcorn lung in factory workers, and now has resulted in a lawsuit settlement for the Denver man who apparently developed popcorn lung from microwave popcorn.I suppose if it were ever proven that someone on the inside had known about the risk that could be considered criminal negligence and someone could need a southern California criminal attorney or civil court lawyer on the whole.

Speaking of that, an attorney for John Weimer Jr, filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court. Weimer claimed International Flavors & Fragrance were aware of the health risks associated with the flavoring but did not warn users and medical and government authorites. In areas like Encino, CA and Woodland Hills this can be a real issue.

The Question of Medical Insurance For Your Pet

I just got back to the great state of South Carolina from NC and back to blogging: Not that long ago, pet health insurance seemed like such a crazy thing. After all. something that can be done without. But now with sophisticated treatments becoming more routine, it doesn’t sound quite so crazy.

All in all,
health treatments that many humans find hard to afford, such as radiation therapy or even organ transplants are becoming a little more routine for pets. Conditions that would have been the end of Fluffy or Bowser only a short time ago are being treated to the tune of thousands of dollars. BTW if you have been injured by a dangerous drug and you need more information about some health insurance or alternately some South Carolina life insurance then I can definately suggest this website: The Food and Drug Administration Thye can also help with other related ones such as life, car, auto home and utah homeowners insurance, and of course the aforementioned Utah state policies overall. They are based in Utah and serve that wide area overall.

On the whole, pet owners who buy pet health insurance are still a distinct minority, especially here in NC. It has been estimated that of the more than 150 million pets in the United States, less than 100 thousand are covered by insurance.

The American Kennel Club and Petco Animal Supplies have formed a partnership to offer pet insurance. More than 1,600 companies, such as Office Depot and Google, offer pet coverage as an optional employee benefit.
Veterinary Pet Insurance has been around longer than any other pet insurer. Its revenue has climbed more than 25% a year since the late 1990s. The company has most of the market– about 71%. Just do not forget about the pet grooming.