New Trends in Medical Cosmetic Enhancement

I just returned to Kansas City after seeing the lawyer. and time to write up in here you know. There have been a number of new trends in the field of cosmetic surgery, breast enlargement, augmentation and the like. One such trend is Latisse and Lumigan. One of the side effects of Lumigan is longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. Allergan worked on a derivative drug. The company secured FDA approval for the drug they called Latisse, to be used for eyelash enhancement. All in all, Lumigan are drops used in the eyes. The ingredient common to both drugs is Bimatoprost. Hopefully there will not be any medical malpractice lawsuits that eventually come out of this, which could be a nightmare for insurance companies. By the way if you need a Kansas City medical malpractice lawyer I can recommend this firm which also handles various personal injury attorney cases as well. He is a very good lawyer indeed and is based in Kansas City.
Liz Weber was quoted as saying, “Forget about fake lashes, they end up on your cheeks.This is my favorite stuff ever.” Weber disliked her short lashes and bald spot that were affects of hypotrichosis. “Now, my daughter calls them my Bambi lashes,” Weber says. Incidentially if you need help with perhaps enhancements or even breast implants, I can suggest this firm, they are among the best. By the way, they also do various types of breast reconstruction work as well.
Richard Glogau and other dermatologists say customers are clamoring for the drug. Glogau is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology. He practices in San Francisco, and reports that he received his first shipment of 60 boxes a few weeks ago and sold it all within a week. Each box is a month’s supply.
Glogau was quoted as saying, “I had no idea how big eyelashes were with women until this came along. The response has been impressive………” All in all these procedures can be a bit risky and you can see whay medical malpractice insurance is so expensive and why a medical malpractice lawyer can make a fortune.
Lumigan and Latisse can possibly change the pigmentation of the eyelid and darkening of the iris. Though not harmful, once the iris changes, it’s permanent.