A General Picture of United States Nursing Homes

I just returned from Big Bear (to see my attorney) and am back in Maui (looking at some real estate too), ready to write again….It seems to me that High nursing home standards must surely be a hallmark of advanced societies. We can’t accept anything less at facilities that care for the aged and the weak, just as we don’t tolerate laxity at hospital nurseries, or at preschools, whether in Big Bear, Phoenix or wherever.
Speaking of that, I really like Maui and Big Bear real estate overall along with those other locales I mentioned.
Roughly two-thirds of nursing homes are owned by for-profit companies, 27 percent by nonprofit organizations, and 6 percent by government entities according to government statistics.
An interesting and telling article was published a couple of years ago in the New York Times, under the title, “ Violations Reported at 94% of Nursing Homes,” written by Robert Pear, it appeared September 29, 2008. I know that I saw some substandard nursing homes at my old job and the elderly care and nursing homes alternatives in phoenix are not always that much better either. This is also becoming an issue here in Maui and over in Big Bear toosince their a lot of retirees here, even though the real estate is quite high here. Speaking of that, this Maui real estate firm is quite good if you need a good piece of maui real estate at a fair price overall.
The article said that more than 90 percent of nursing homes were cited for violations of federal health and safety standards in 2007. It said that for-profit homes were more liable to have problems than non-profits, and even government-affiliated homes, according to federal investigator. I wonder if the Attorney general will get involved in this one.
Robert Pear quoted the report as stating that roughly 17 percent of nursing homes had problems that caused “actual harm or immediate jeopardy.” The report was provided by the inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services, Daniel R. Levinson.
Apparently some of the problems identified ranged from infected bedsores, medication mix-ups, poor nutrition, to abuse and neglect of patients by the staff, whether in Maui, Big Bear or wherever really..
Further, Pear wrote that inspectors received 37,150 complaints about conditions in nursing homes in 2007. Thirty-nine percent of them were substantiated, according to the report, and about one-fifth of the complaints confir

Why the Tendons? Prolotherapy and the Surgical Option

The muscles of the body are strong because they provide the power and strength to athletic and work-related activity. They grow larger when worked because the body supplies them with ample nutrients. Tendons on the other hand do not grow large because the body does not share with them an equal amount of nutrients. Tendons are expected to remain small, tight, and resilient in their job of keeping the muscle attached to the bone. As an aside this website has information concerning Shoulder Impingement rehab if you happen to be having issues with Shoulder Impingement. All in all, the FDA website has additional details.

When the 4 muscles in question of the rotator cuff are over worked, that is when tears can sometimes happen. All in all, the resulting muscle injury causes weakness in the shoulder and puts a strain on the tendons to hold the shoulder in place and help with the loss of strength. TFor their part, the tendons are not built to function as a substitute for the muscles, they get over worked, stretched out and torn. As they are damaged, inflammation, swelling, and pain develops.

The surgical option

For a rotator cuff injury, patients are given the choice of surgical treatments or non-surgical treatments. The benefits of surgery revolve mainly around the strength factor. Surgery can restore shoulder strength. Most non-surgical options do not restore strength but can be effective at limiting pain by avoidance of those activities that aggravate the rotator cuff.

Sadly enough some physicians out there are not as of yet up to speed on a couple of treatment options which may restore muscular strength by rebuilding these said muscles. These options in question are Prolotherapy, the injection of dextrose, and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, which is basically the injection of blood platelets.

Prolotherapy and PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can usually restore shoulder strength in a matter of weeks as opposed to the more lengthy recovery time required of surgery. Interested in Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy for your chronic rotator cuff problems? Finding the right doctor is the first step. If you’re interested in seeing if you’re a candidate for

Prolotherapy or PRP, visit Dr. Marc Darrow at http://www.jointrehab.com.Marc Darrow, M.D. is one of the Nation’s foremost experts in the field of Prolotherapy and PRP injections. Featured in Newsweek Magazine and on ABC News, Dr. Darrow has treated thousands of patients who suffer needlessly from chronic joint pain. To learn more about Dr. Darrow, PRP Therapy, and Prolotherapy, as well as the Darrow Sports and Wellness Institute, visit http://www.jointrehab.com today or call our 11645 Wilshire Blvd. #120 LA, CA 90025 office at 310-231-7000.

Bicycle Riders are in Danger Every Time They Ride

Bicycle riders are in danger every time they ride on the roadway. There are dangers from other drivers on the road and the national traffic statistics proven this fact, there are also dangers from road debris and uneven pavement when riding a bicycle.

The statistics show there are as many as 900 bicycle accident related deaths every year in the United States and as many as a half a million bicycle related injuries. This means even riding on the roads in Modesto, a bicycle accident can happen and the rider can suffer injuries.

What should be a fun and exciting hobby, or form of exercise can be more dangerous than most riders realize. The fun and sport is take out of riding when there is an accident, because the injuries can be severe and they can change the riders life. Bicycle riders are in danger every time they ride, since they have very little protection. Most riders only have a helmet and possibly gloves, but little else to protect them when they ride a bicycle on the road.

Before getting on the bicycle to take it out for a ride, the rider should go over it and always do the required maintenance. Checking breaks, tires, the chain and other parts of the bicycle can help avoid problems when riding and can also alert the rider to any defects on the bike.

When a rider is involved in an accident in Modesto, they should speak with a bicycle accident attorney that specializes in manufacturer defects. This is an attorney that will have the resources and the experience to hold the manufacturer responsible for the design or parts defects that caused the accident. Trying to stand up to the manufacturer alone is not a situation that will turn out well for the injured bicyclist, because the manufacturer will have attorneys to protect them from defect claims. It is also not advisable to use an attorney that does not have experience bringing claims against bicycle manufacturers.

Bike Accidents May Require Prolotherapy

This type of legal claim can be a complex case that needs the expertise of an attorney that has dealt with manufacturers defects. The injured rider’s only concern should be with healing after an accident and leave the legal fight to hold the manufacturer responsible up to the Modesto bicycle accident attorney.

If you were injured in a bicycle accident and have tried alternative healing methods like prolotherapy, but still need to recover due to the negligence of another, contact a bicycle lawyer who is a highly renowned accident attorney in Los Angeles and Torrance: