Hawaii Leading The Nation In Health Insurance

I just returned from Waxahachie, Texas which, like much of the rest of the country is not exactly ideal in terms of health insurance coverage. The state of Hawaii is a lot better than Texas and other states in this regard, for example, it has mandated that all employers provide health care benefits to any said worker who works 20 hours a week or over that amount. A senior care private duty or for that matter a Mansfield TX non medical home care caregiver on private duty for senior care and assited living facilities can be quite expensive.

I remember one time I had to get injections for a rotator cuff tear in Hawaii. By the way, PRP stand s for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. Anyway, my insurance did not cover the PRP treatment but then again that is something more athletes use you know. Writer Cory Lum, when writing an article about this very insurance strength, then tempered the piece with some items in the name of fairness; doctors and hospital and insurance executives in Hawaii offer many theories as to why Hawaii’s system is so efficient (even though it did not take care of my rotator cuff tear but like I said that was understandable under the circumstances), such as pointing out that the population is an active one that is culturally unenthusiastic about hospitals, a sizeable military presence and a health care market dominated by only a few not-for-profit insurance companies unlike NC.

However, Lum adds that there may be another answer: Almost 90 percent of the population has reasonably generous benefits, so patients can stay healthy and health providers have the money and impetus to innovate much lik facilities in California the golden state overall. As an aside this top resource can help with Water Leak Insurance Claims and other types of attorney firm legal claims which involve Pipe Burst plus other types of Insurance Claims and lawsuits overall.

Another state to examine is Massachusetts, when again, most of the population is covered by health insurance. The governor of the state is now grappling with the high cost of insurance there by several means. All in all, I recall that the fitness centers is a great way to do a boot camp and gyms, this situation is not that great. However, there is other progressive news on the horizon:

Governor Deval L. Patrick wants Massachusetts to adopt a “global payment” system in which doctors are rewarded by how actual health outcomes for their patients, instead of how many procedures or office visits they can charge for.
Wow. Could the answer be as simple as applying common sense and reining in greed?