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Bicycle Riders are in Danger Every Time They Ride

Bicycle riders are in danger every time they ride on the roadway. There are dangers from other drivers on the road and the national traffic statistics proven this fact, there are also dangers from road debris and uneven pavement when riding a bicycle.

The statistics show there are as many as 900 bicycle accident related deaths every year in the United States and as many as a half a million bicycle related injuries. This means even riding on the roads in Modesto, a bicycle accident can happen and the rider can suffer injuries.

What should be a fun and exciting hobby, or form of exercise can be more dangerous than most riders realize. The fun and sport is take out of riding when there is an accident, because the injuries can be severe and they can change the riders life. Bicycle riders are in danger every time they ride, since they have very little protection. Most riders only have a helmet and possibly gloves, but little else to protect them when they ride a bicycle on the road.

Before getting on the bicycle to take it out for a ride, the rider should go over it and always do the required maintenance. Checking breaks, tires, the chain and other parts of the bicycle can help avoid problems when riding and can also alert the rider to any defects on the bike.

When a rider is involved in an accident in Modesto, they should speak with a bicycle accident attorney that specializes in manufacturer defects. This is an attorney that will have the resources and the experience to hold the manufacturer responsible for the design or parts defects that caused the accident. Trying to stand up to the manufacturer alone is not a situation that will turn out well for the injured bicyclist, because the manufacturer will have attorneys to protect them from defect claims. It is also not advisable to use an attorney that does not have experience bringing claims against bicycle manufacturers.

Bike Accidents May Require Prolotherapy

This type of legal claim can be a complex case that needs the expertise of an attorney that has dealt with manufacturers defects. The injured rider’s only concern should be with healing after an accident and leave the legal fight to hold the manufacturer responsible up to the Modesto bicycle accident attorney.

If you were injured in a bicycle accident and have tried alternative healing methods like prolotherapy, but still need to recover due to the negligence of another, contact a bicycle lawyer who is a highly renowned accident attorney in Los Angeles and Torrance:

The Brain and new Technology

I just got back from Los Angeles and Orange County (from seeing the attorneys) and it is time to get back in the saddle here in Dallas…: From the brain to the computer, users such as people who are paralyzed, can now use a device to interface between commands from their brain and their computer. This new technology doesn’t require electrodes to be implanted into the brain, but uses a tight-fittling cap. An amplifier turns up the juice on the tiniest analog signals that eminate from the scalp, converting them into digital signals for the processing software on the computer. If you are in Orange County or Los Angeles by the way this is a great Orange County traumatic brain injury attorney who is also a superb Los Angeles car accident plus brain injury lawyer who is also well versed in personal injury, burn and car accident cases I can suggest this attorney, esquire in the city of angels and OC:
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Once extremely expensive, this new technology to help the brain talk to a computer is more accurate and less costly; about $5,000 per patient, and the scientists are working to bring that price down.
Patients’ home health devices talk to each other and wirelessly stream data to be viewed on one computer screen. This new system will use the 402-405MHz Medical Implant Communications Service (MICS) frequency band to communicate the data using theB luetooth Health Device Profile and the IEEE Personal Health Data specification. This new technology makes it easier for the patient to monitor information on the state his or her own health. Incidentially if you are in Dallas or Fort Worth, TX. happen to require a top Dallas personal injury attorney I must suggest this resource as they can help with various forms of traumatic brain injury as well as workplace, personal and spinal cord injury as well in the greater Dallas area:
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How would the police and other enforcement teams like to have Superman help them to see through walls? Well, they don’t need the “man of steel” to penetrate walls with the The Prism 200. This small handheld radar scanner detects the movement and location of people in a room or building. It can penetrate through brick or even concrete walls. It can even sense breathing. The device can be used remotely. It displays several views for a more three-demensional picture.