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Los Angeles Prosecutors Say Charges Against Michael Jackson’s Physician Imminent

Just retuned from Los Angeles (to see a probate attorney) and wanted to share some news. KTLA reports that prosecutors have told the Associated Press that they will seek involuntary manslaughter charges against Jackson’s personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray. Rolling Stone previously reported that Jackson’s death was ruled a homicide from “acute intoxication of the powerful sedative Propofol.” Well, someone needs a good attorney over there.

Dr. Murray has been the focal of investigators ever since Jackson’s shocking sudden cardiac arrest last June 25th. As an aside if you are in southern California and require a great Riverside, Redondo Beach or for that matter a Los Angeles injury lawyer then I suggest this firm, they are tops for wrongful death, motorcycle accident in Riverside plus Los Angeles overall:
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The investigation still hasn’t officially closed, KTLA reports, so the law enforcement source was speaking anonymously, saying that Murray “will be prosecuted on a theory of gross negligence” after administering Propofol to Jackson. Propofol is a sedative almost always used only in hospitals.

In early December, Rolling Stone reported a source told the Los Angeles Times that due to the complexity of the medical data, that any charges filed against Murray were likely “months rather than weeks away.”
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Dr. Murray has been at the center of the Jackson investigation from the beginning. Search warrants that police used when they raided Conrad Murray’s clinic last year said he was suspected of manslaughter. The Distric Attorney is also involved, apparently.

Washington Car accident News

It is a good to be back to San Diego after a long car trip across the country, and it is time to get back to writing on this blog, so here goes: It has been reported that two kids, including a 2 year old boy plus a 4 year old girl were struck by a truck while playing on a skateboard. The accident in question occurred in the vicinity of Morain Street and Sixth Avenue when a woman was backing out of her driveway in an oversized truck and struck the said children in his sad and unfortunate cases.
For their part, the children in question had been playing with a skateboard at the time they were struck and the woman involved on the other side of the accident immediately stopped the vehicle after feeling a bump on her car, according to Kennewick Police Department officer Drew Sneyd. As an aside, click here if you are in need of a superb San Diego Car Accident Attorneys as this superlative firm does a variety of truck and auto related accident lawyer cases as well as wrongful death ones not only in San Diego but in southern California generally. Now back to the main story: All in all, the children vixtims in question were lying on the ground when the woman got out of the truck to see what the bump had been. For her part, the woman stated she had checked her review mirror prior to backing up the truck. The poor four year old girl sustained a pelvic fracture and internal injuries, the two year old boy sustained a broken leg unfortunately, according to the news reports of the incident. Well anyway, like I said it is good to be back here in San Diego and I will try to post some addition attorneys news right awa.

California News: IOU’s on the way

Residents and various contractors of the golden state have received IOU’s from the state of California which equal about 220.000 IOU’s which will not know when they will be able to redeem them until the budget is actually reviewed. As it stands now, the deficit in the state which was ultimately signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is around $24 billion and has been slashed by some $15 million dollars or so.
All in all, the IOU’s in question began being sent on July 2nd in order to preserve enough money for the golden state to cover debt payments and fund education according to Controller John Chiang. As an aside if you would like to read about more California news pertaining to safety, regulatory news and the like, then may I suggest this resource. Alright now back to the main story at hand….For it’s part, California has faced a $400 million dollar shortage for the month of July and has revised it down to some three million bucks or so following the June figures. All in all, state citizens are unhappy with the IOU’s rather than their state tax refund as many have stated they were depending on the refunds for outstanding debts and other necessities in the current economy, but will have to wait even though they feel they their refunds should never be held.