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The Question of Medical Insurance For Your Pet

I just got back to the great state of South Carolina from NC and back to blogging: Not that long ago, pet health insurance seemed like such a crazy thing. After all. something that can be done without. But now with sophisticated treatments becoming more routine, it doesn’t sound quite so crazy.

All in all,
health treatments that many humans find hard to afford, such as radiation therapy or even organ transplants are becoming a little more routine for pets. Conditions that would have been the end of Fluffy or Bowser only a short time ago are being treated to the tune of thousands of dollars. BTW if you have been injured by a dangerous drug and you need more information about some health insurance or alternately some South Carolina life insurance then I can definately suggest this website: The Food and Drug Administration Thye can also help with other related ones such as life, car, auto home and utah homeowners insurance, and of course the aforementioned Utah state policies overall. They are based in Utah and serve that wide area overall.

On the whole, pet owners who buy pet health insurance are still a distinct minority, especially here in NC. It has been estimated that of the more than 150 million pets in the United States, less than 100 thousand are covered by insurance.

The American Kennel Club and Petco Animal Supplies have formed a partnership to offer pet insurance. More than 1,600 companies, such as Office Depot and Google, offer pet coverage as an optional employee benefit.
Veterinary Pet Insurance has been around longer than any other pet insurer. Its revenue has climbed more than 25% a year since the late 1990s. The company has most of the market– about 71%. Just do not forget about the pet grooming.

Pet Health: Checking the Safety of Dog Food Ingredients

Health, energy and lifespan of your dog all depend on two things. One is how well taken care of your pet is and the second directly related thing is the dog food you purchase. Not all dog foods contain the same ingredients. Knowing which ones have the correct vitamins and nutritional value for your dog will ensure that he is around for a long time.
The Recall of Dog Food:
The dog food recall in 2007 that was the result of companies in China and the U.S. using melamine in their pet food products was directly responsible for the deaths of 2,200 dogs. This is a chemical that is used to manufacture plastic. About 800 tons of wheat gluten that contained this chemical was found in China. Not only was it found, but it had been mislabeled to avoid inspection.
The melamine was added to boost the protein content of the gluten used in the dog food. The reason behind this was the cost. It was merely cheaper to use melamine than it was to add real protein. I would highly suggest that you choose a premium dog food because many of these health issues have already been effectively worked out.
This is where a lot of companies cheat on the products being sold. Consumers read the label and think it contains a certain ingredient. Healthy Pet Net has some more information on this aspect of the debate. In fact, they do not contain that product at all; they often contain ingredients that are dangerous and may even cause death as in the case of the tainted food.

Some Animal Supplement shown to be lacking

According to a research study done by, certain brands of the joint supplements which may be used to treat joint health in pets like cats, dogs and some other animals are missing the proper amount of certain specific ingredients. All in all, these particular supplements in question should include glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplements, what was found is that at least 6 of these said supplements that were tested did not contain the amounts of either glucosamine or chondrotin that are needed to treat osteoarthritis. When tested they contained 5.4 percent of the claimed 17 percent of the glucosamine or chondrotin that is used for pain, soreness and inflammation in dogs, cats and horses. The MSM or methylsulfonylmethane was found to be at the correct published levels in the supplements in general. In my opinion, many kinds of dog food also happen to be lacking in many necessary nutrients overall and I highly suggest a top level premium dog food like from Life’s Abundance, formulated by holistic vet Dr. Jane Bicks. In addition, there were an additional ten supplements tested that all met the standards and none of which exceeded the contamination limit for lead according to the study that was done.
The company doing the study is a privately held company that provides consumer information for health and nutrition, by doing independent studies and evaluations.

Homemade Dog Food Helps Behavior Problems

There has been some research done that shows that dogs that are hyper or out of control often do better when fed dog food that is prepared at home rather than the store bought brand dog foods. The levels of wheat, corn and corn meal as well as incomplete proteins contribute to the dog’s behavior.
Commercial dog foods that list in their ingredients animal by products, high levels of wheat, corn or corn meal are just filler foods and do not provide the nutrition that is needed by canines, especially canines with behavior problems. All in all, I would have to suggest a premium dog food such as that from Life’s Abundance since it is formulated by a top vet.
Homemade dog foods incorporate meat, oats, vegetables and vitamins that can be monitored by their owners and with the proper amount of vitamins it can help to correct certain behavior. Vitamins can be added in either liquid form or crushed from pill forms of animal or human vitamins. The amount of vitamins added will need to be closely monitored according to canine nutritionalists.