Soy and Beeswax Candles are Better for Health

I had recently returned from the northern Hawaiian islands of kauai and Oahu at the vacation rentals and just returned the used cars but had not written in a while, so here goes. I had heard a while back that some candles release toxins, and since I’m a hard core candle lover, it has given me pause. After doing a little research, what I found out is that apparently paraffin releases pollutants and can contribute to indoor air pollution. Other sources of indoor air pollution are computers, cars (especially the used cars), ventilation systems, tobacco–of course, molds, and more. Oahu has some air pollution but Kauai has virtually none, so I recommend it more as a vacation destination overall. Speaking of that, if you do find yourself neeing kauai vacation rentals then take a look at bali hai, as they specialize in such vacation rentals on both oahu and Kauai. This is according to The American Chemical Society. I wondered about the The American Chemical Society. Is it legitamate source? The following was taken from Wikipedia: The American Chemical Society (ACS) is a learned society (professional association) based in the United States that supports scientific inquiry in the field of chemistry. It appears that organic as well as certain types of others plus beeswax candles may be good choices. I personally like a good soy candle now and again. Those Oahu used cars do not help too much when it comes to that but I think Infinity is cleaner than most used cars, at least it seems that way on Oahu.
I found out that an occasional paraffin candle is probably not a problem, but regular use, especially in an enclosed area like a bathroom, can affect health, cause respiratory problems, and possibly increase cancer risk. I don’t believe I want to inhale that at the dinner table, either. I think that, for now at least, I will stick with soy wax candles and my other scented jar candles as well untill I read otherwise.

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