New Technology Finds and Treats Tumors With No Harm

Just got back from San Francisco and wanted to share Biophysicists Yana Reshetnyak and Oleg Andreev, are developing a means to detect cancerous tumors and carry treatment to them, doing no harm to the healthy cells neighboring them. Side effects would be greatly minimized. $6 million in grants in four years have been provided for the work of the two University of Rhode Island scientist/professors. Pharmaceutical and other medical care companies are keenly interested in the work, as well. Oleg Andreev believes that their imaging test, which is without harmful effects, may one day be used as commonly as a mammogram or colonoscopy. Speaking of medical procedures, a good Laser Tattoo Removal San Francisco as they are really top notch facility if you require a good Laser Tattoo Removal in the city of San Francisco if you have to get that type of treatment.
The significant discovery making this work possible is that cancer cells create acidity in cells as they quickly grow and spread. Now these scientists have found a method of specifically aiming at this acidity and not at healthy cell tissue. A scientist at the biochemistry and molecular biophysics lab at Yale University found the peptide that will find acidity. When Yana Reshetnyak signed on at the lab in 2003, she was then a student.

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