Homemade Dog Food Helps Behavior Problems

There has been some research done that shows that dogs that are hyper or out of control often do better when fed dog food that is prepared at home rather than the store bought brand dog foods. The levels of wheat, corn and corn meal as well as incomplete proteins contribute to the dog’s behavior.
Commercial dog foods that list in their ingredients animal by products, high levels of wheat, corn or corn meal are just filler foods and do not provide the nutrition that is needed by canines, especially canines with behavior problems. All in all, I would have to suggest a premium dog food such as that from Life’s Abundance since it is formulated by a top vet.
Homemade dog foods incorporate meat, oats, vegetables and vitamins that can be monitored by their owners and with the proper amount of vitamins it can help to correct certain behavior. Vitamins can be added in either liquid form or crushed from pill forms of animal or human vitamins. The amount of vitamins added will need to be closely monitored according to canine nutritionalists.

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