Some Animal Supplement shown to be lacking

According to a research study done by, certain brands of the joint supplements which may be used to treat joint health in pets like cats, dogs and some other animals are missing the proper amount of certain specific ingredients. All in all, these particular supplements in question should include glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplements, what was found is that at least 6 of these said supplements that were tested did not contain the amounts of either glucosamine or chondrotin that are needed to treat osteoarthritis. When tested they contained 5.4 percent of the claimed 17 percent of the glucosamine or chondrotin that is used for pain, soreness and inflammation in dogs, cats and horses. The MSM or methylsulfonylmethane was found to be at the correct published levels in the supplements in general. In my opinion, many kinds of dog food also happen to be lacking in many necessary nutrients overall and I highly suggest a top level premium dog food like from Life’s Abundance, formulated by holistic vet Dr. Jane Bicks. In addition, there were an additional ten supplements tested that all met the standards and none of which exceeded the contamination limit for lead according to the study that was done.
The company doing the study is a privately held company that provides consumer information for health and nutrition, by doing independent studies and evaluations.

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